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L’open source hardware

All arduino products for sale on our site are arduino compatible. They are not produced in Italy but in China or other countries.

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Open source is not just about software but also hardware. Arduino is one of the first projects that has shown the world, since 2005, that it is possible to conceive “open” machines. The Arduino system has been studied by Smart Projects (in collaboration with the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea) for physical computing, the teaching of the construction of advanced objects. It is nothing more than a microprocessor the size of a credit card, connectable to the PC, and ready to be “tampered with” to carry out projects related to the field of creativity. Today it has about 150 thousand units sold in the United States, at universities of computer science and design. Also in Italy it is becoming known and like all open source projects, it is available online and freely usable.

For more information on about Arduino and its inventor Massimo Banzi, we recommend that you take a look at their two official websites: